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Small World Models “The Collectors Choice”

What is a Small World Model?

Small World are models of the more unusual retro airliners and are hand made to exacting standards with high levels of detail and unique colour schemes. All the models on this site are exclusively available from Aviation Retail Direct - please contact them to order.

Starting with master patterns which are made in brass to my specifications by some of the best pattern makers in the UK. These are then put into vulcanised moulds and the castings produced in high quality pewter which will not sag or droop as will lower grades of “white metal”. All assembly and finishing is carried out by myself.

By generating my decals in-house on a laser printer very low quantities of a particular colour scheme are viable – sometimes as low as 5 models. Another advantage with laser printed decals is the visual effect which is different to screen printing in as much as a greater range of colours and toning is available making details such as curtains at windows possible. The overall effect is slightly softer and more in keeping with the scale effect.

  • My models will never be made in volume most will never exceed 25 (this is my boredom threshold!)
  • Because my models are hand made the quantities produced will always be low creating a genuine collectors item.
  • Anyone can collect the mass produced models, it takes patience to collect mine but they are worth waiting for!

We may soon introduce a numbered certificate with each models – this is in discussion at the moment so watch this space.

Constructive comments are always welcome from collectors so please contact me on martin@smallworldmodels.co.uk.